Design 2 Reflection

Throughout the second semester of my MA Communication Design the methodology changed. I learnt that design is not just about the final outcome but about the process itself. In this semester I had to do a lot of group work which was both challenging and rewarding and by the end I delivered a Zine and a short film about open crime data, a personal data visualisation, a 3D installation and a poster about e-waste, a box full of content that feeds into my FMP, a magazine that shows my understanding about this information and a blog and website that encompasses all of the projects and processes.

Overall It was a semester full of work where each project taught me something new. I think that what I take from Brief 1 is the fact that you can express the same information in different ways. I was able to research about a topic I wasn’t interested about but still discovered new areas that appealed to me such as coding. Brief 2 taught me how to be tolerant and compromise in a group project. It is very hard for me to trust people and collaborate, but this is crucial to become a T-shaped individual and I still need to work on that. I was very pleased to be able to set up an exhibition while applying the Gestalt principles and learning the importance of prototyping. I think this was the moment when I truly understood that research was not just reading books, but also physically making things, or talking to people or trying out little experiments. Brief 3 and 4 were very useful to set the grounds for my FMP and from now on I will constantly refer back to my box and magazine. I believe the Collect box was very personal, I enjoyed doing it because it pushed me to not only read information but digest it by creating mind maps, charts, tables, conducting interviews, trying out experiments and using the IDEO method cards. Brief 4 was a way of organising all the information I had in the box through a magazine. This helped me to deeply comprehend the scope of my FMP and turn it into a story worth telling with a clear narrative and navigation around it, which is still a work in progress. Moreover, I also learnt how to make a website in muse, which was something I wanted to learn and I wish I had more time to refine little details directly on the code to change certain aspects that are already predetermined by muse. However, above all, something I learnt this semester and highly value is the importance of reflecting on my own work. I believe the DIEP framework is something I will keep using in my life because it is an opportunity to shape my own thinking and uncover new ideas.

In conclusion this semester I was able to learn new things in new ways, instead of doing the ordinary research, I started making more things and getting engaged with my projects while collaborating with my fellow students. I was able to jump out of my comfort zone and make things to change my understanding of theories and finally I improved my analytical skills as I was able to deeply reflect about my design practice.