Research Magazine

My magazine is about the process I took while researching about design education in engineering curriculums. For my final major project, I knew I wanted to work with engineering students to help them embrace Design Thinking methodologies so I wanted to learn as much as possible about topics related to this problem. My magazine tells a clear story and it provides a journey through my research process in 6 main stops. All of the chapters are colour coded and this corresponds to the classification of the folders in my collect box.

1: The Problem: I wanted to contextualise the problem of my FMP and then frame it as a challenge.

2. My Target Audience: The second chapter of my magazine is about the target audience I will be working with. For me it was important to give the reader an overview of the location of my problem and the people involved. Also, I had to truly understand my audience which is why I designed some personas that will keep me company from now on.

3. Understanding DT: The third chapter is about Design Thinking and how I grew to understand this human centred design approach and the different methodologies around it.

4. Benchmarking:  I continued with doing some benchmarking, getting some inspiration and looking into things that have already been created to solve similar issues.

5. Pedagogy: Chapter 5 is about pedagogy and learning styles which is a crucial aspect to my FMP because while in the process I realised I needed to learn about engineering academia and design academia, because at the end of the day I want to introduce some of the design processes into engineering.

6. Experiments: This is all about small tests and the design methods I decided to try out to get a better understanding of my project by doing things along the way.

Context problem4

Chapter 1: Context of the Problem

Context problem8

Chapter 2: Personas

Context problem13

Chapter 3: Understanding Design Thinking

Context problem19

Chapter 5: Pedagogy

Context problem30

Chapter 6: Interview highlights

Context problem26

Chapter 6: Method Cards

Context problem27

Chapter 6: Myers Briggs Test experiment

Context problem31

Chapter 6: Conclusion and Research question


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