Reflection Brief 4


To develop my research magazine, I had to organise, analyse, categorise and comprehend the material I collected for by box of brief 3. My magazine is a self-made publication that communicates the research findings relevant to my Final Major Project in an engaging way. I first started by reviewing the material I had in my box and started organizing it in different categories to give an order to the magazine because I wanted it to feel like a story. I then later on unpicked the most interesting aspects of every piece of information I found and started choosing what I was going to include. After I had the content done I created a framework of my magazine to decided the navigation, I sketched different grids and finally starting making my magazine in InDesign.


For me the magazine was a way of getting my thoughts straight. I was able to review all the material I collected relevant to my FMP, find new material that needed to be added and also pick the most important elements. It was like going through the 5C model again, because I had to collect more information, comprehended it, conceptualize it and then create something with that new knowledge. Although I was pretty overwhelmed at the beginning because I didn’t know how to start, I think it was an exercise that helped me prioritise and extract information. I was quite stressed because I had too much information and didn’t know how to organise it in a way that was clear and someone could understand the process I took while collecting and analysing information, but once I divided the magazine in categories and I had a clear framework it all started to take shape.


I believe this is an incredibly useful piece of work. From now on I will always refer back to my magazine because it uncovers the most important insights from my research. The magazine reminds me why I am doing what I am doing and what I want to achieve at the end of my FMP. I think it was a tough project in such a short period of time but it helped me get organised and it made me understand my project deeply. I was able to understand the users I will be designing for by creating personas and doing ethnographic research and I was also able to understand the relevance of the work I want to do. I believe the most valuable part of my magazine is the last chapter: Experiments, because this was the moment when I applied different design methods to learn by doing tests along the way and really submerging in my project. Moreover, the biggest challenge for me was to be able to tell a story with my magazine. I want my magazine to be a clear window into the process I took when collecting information and discovering the problem for my FMP. This is why my magazine starts by stating the problem I found, and it takes you through the journey I did to be able to come up with my research question at the end.


Whereas I think that my collect box is more of a personal project that helped me get started with a project, this magazine its more opened ended as it has to communicate the most important insights and findings to a greater audience. I think this was a great way of communicating the core elements of the beginning of my FMP. It got me organised and it also started to shape my FMP. I am very pleased with the way I was able to synthesise so much information because I didn’t want to just copy and paste articles I found, but actually unpick the important parts of these articles and show my understanding by making diagrams, tables and drawings. I spent the most amount of time choosing and creating the content, because for me the narrative was the most important thing which is why if I had more time I would like to refine the design of the magazine. My magazine is not completed, it is still a work in progress and I will continue to be for the following 3 months, I am intrigued to see how my project starts developing and what the magazine would look like at the end of August.


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