Reflection on Brief 3: Collect Box


To create my Collect Box I did primary, secondary and practice research from a wide variety of sources to expand my knowledge on Design Thinking, engineering, design methodologies, pedagogy, learning styles and product design module in Universidad Javeriana Cali. I collected as much information as I could during the easter break by reading books, journals, academic papers, research papers, articles, blogs and websites. I also looked at what other people are doing in the same field to find inspiration and to do some benchmarking. I visited exhibitions, viewed webinars and videos, I interviewed people, created questionnaires and finally I used some of the IDEO method cards and Co-creational cards to better understand my target user group, such as shadowing and a Day in the Life of. Furthermore, I did the Myers-Briggs indicator experiment on 5 engineers from different backgrounds and I also created an activity sheet for the Product Design students from PUJ to deeply reflect on the dark horse prototype they were currently developing.

print collect 2 color

print collect 2 color



My research was divided in 8 main chapters because as I was reading about different topics I started to realize important things I needed to know about, such as learning styles and pedagogy, which I didn’t consider from the beginning so I slowly added things to my research. By comparing the different Design Thinking processes such as the CPS, IDEO’s approach, Standford’s approach, the 5C model, TRIZ and Sprint I was able to understand what was kept constant and what changed. They are all framed differently, but they are meant to be iterative processes. However, I noticed that the only one that emphasized on the team work aspect of design thinking was the 5C model and I believe this is a core part of design thinking and I would like to embrace it with my FMP. Moreover, none of the processes mentioned the idea of reflecting about the work and this is something that could be implemented within the iteration of the cycle.



I believe this Collect Box was a great way to visualize the context, the topic, the problem and start thinking about possible solutions for the FMP. I found it very useful to put together all the research that back-ups my proposal because I can quickly reference it and look at it if I physically have it with me. Also by printing things I realized how much or how little I was actually reading. Sometimes I thought I had read a lot but once it was printed it was really not much. Writing things by hand and making summaries of important pieces of text really helped me to drag the key points and fully understand it, which I wouldn’t have done if I was just reading online. This box was so much more personal than any other research we have done so far, so it makes me attached to it and I processed and comprehended the information better. Furthermore, with this project I learn how to look at different things, in design research is so varied that sometimes a simple conversation is more enriching than a book. I liked the idea of trying the IDEO methods, and I found similarities between some of them, which makes me think they could be simplified.

When I look at my box, I feel it is a journey that I am just beginning. It is like if I am putting fuel inside a ship that will soon launch and I am assembling every single piece. I was able to discover things along the way and organize the information that was useful for my research. I had to be critical to make decisions about what I was going to read, because it is impossible to read it all as much as I would like to. This Box is not for people to look at it and read stuff from it, it is not for my tutors, or to present what I have read during Easter. This box is for me, for me to keep track of what I am doing, for me to be inspired by my project.


I can’t help but wonder what would happen if I extrapolate this idea of a collect box throughout all my life. The human brain has an amazing capacity; it stores crazy amount of information that I honestly cannot visualize the amount of stuff that could be inside my head. If this only shows what I have learn in a few weeks, I wonder how much I have actually learnt in my entire life and how big that box would look like. I was inspired by this idea of collecting things, that I even started my own travelling collection kit and I am saving memories from my trips because it is a great way of going back to things and remembering. With regards to the topic of my project I am now ready to start designing personas because I have all the information I need from my users. I want to keep reading and learning about topics I came across briefly such as foresight innovation and finally I want to be bold enough to design new methodologies related to design thinking and to even mix up the process a little bit and come up with a better cycle that includes the collaborative and the reflective aspect as well.


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