Spending Money

For the next project, the initial challenge was to collect data about the money we spent throughout 3 days. To do this we created an excel table shown below that would help us record everything we spend, the time, the place, the price, the method of payment and more variables that we analysed afterwards.

Spending data collection interpretation

After having this information, the challenge was to make sense of it, so we needed the final numbers and conclusions from this data, which is shown in the table below.

Spending data collection interpretation

For us it was interesting to see what we were spending our money in, and how in such a short period of time we spent £329.57, which is a really big number for only 3 days, but we couldn’t really get the sense of how much money this represented which is why we wanted to create a very clear literal representation of this. We decided to create £1 notes and colour code them depending on the category they were spent, and we created a sort of bar chart for each person. We decided to take this personal data out of the studio and we were ambitious enough to choose a tall wall to represent our information and the end result is shown in the following image.


At the bottom there are 5 individual notes that show the summary of each person, and they look like this

juliana note

We couldn’t reach as high as we would have wanted but the length of the notes and the colours allow comparison between people. This was a very quick workshop and there is a lot of room for improvement. To begin with, we learnt that the labelling is very important and we didn’t include the period of time that was represented by the data, which is crucial. Also the tittle could be bigger and on the top englobing all the data. Although we wanted a literal representation because we were getting out of the studio, maybe we can think of different ways of communicating the same information, which would force the audience to think a little bit more. Final, we knew we wanted a tall wall and to get out of the building but we didn’t consider all of the location options, so this is something we could also look into it if we had the chance of doing it again.


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