After analysing the information we had on our wall about open crime data we choose 3 major problems that could be associated with it and we were able to related them all as they are connected to one another as seen in the image below.


For our short film, we wanted to focus on the Idea of data manipulation and we would leave and open ended question for the audience to think about it…can you trust the data?

We decided to combine the analogue with the digital technology and create a very sarcastic and satirical piece. The movie opens up with a quote that sets the mood and context and later on an unknown person is sorting out the crime data in 2 boxes and deciding wether it is crime or not. Clearly this person doesn’t care about what she is doing. This crime data is poured from the boxes into a computer to upload the system and then this is being communicated in the news. Stating that crime data has decreased, while outside of a house there is a mysterious crime going on.


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