For the development of the Zine we decided to keep it black and white and just add red to emphasise in certain aspects and also relate the colours to the topic we were trying to comprehend. This zine was a great way of organising all the information we had and really getting a feel of the digital cities.

Our Zine is divided in the following chapters:

  1. API: For us it was crucial to highlight this mysterious concept and introduce what the zine will be about, which is why the opening part.
  2. How the system works: explanation about the different parts of the system and how the connect with each other
  3. Coding: This part highlights the raw data. We tried to highlight and comprehend the meaning behind all of this words and number.
  4. Technology: This is explain as a diagram with all the elements that relate to one another
  5. License: It is very important to know what people are allowed to do with this data and how they can do it, which is why we created some sort of contract with a space for the audience to sign and accept this terms and conditions
  6. Tracking crime: This was a very interesting aspect of the zine, we thought we could trace a crime all the way from the raw data. We picked a crime from the dataset, used the coordinates to get the location, we went to that specific place and took a photo of where the crib happened. The idea of joining the raw data to an image is a way of humanising this information and making real sense of it.
  7. Questions: This part of the zine was very important and personal to us. While developing this project and researching about this topic we came up with tons of questions so we wanted to portray them in our design.
  8. Usage: The final part of the zine is a collage of how this data is being used. We found a variety of graphs, Apps and visualisations that represent open crime data and a bunch of comments from people with different views on this appliances.

Some of the spreads from the zine are shown in the images below

IMG_3824spread 2spread 4spread 5


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