Open Crime, Data Collection

To begin this first project about digital cities our group collected information about open crime. At the beginning it was very challenging to understand the API technology, and all of the aspects that form part of this “Open crime” concept but by the time we came up with the data wall shown in the image below it was possible to have an overview of the situation.

We were particularly interested in how the system works which is represented in the drawings at the bottom. We divided this process in the following 5 stages:

  1. Crime
  2. Police reports crime
  3. Data is uploaded in the system
  4. Data is translated into graphics
  5. Visualisations communicate information to people

Also, the other very interesting thing we wanted to explore with this project was the “coding” aspect of this crime data and the spreadsheets that build up the information. We were intrigued by this raw data, so we printed out pages with the code and started highlighting different aspects to try and make sense of it, which will be then portrayed on the zine.crime data board


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