Browsing through the web I came across this new product for children called OSMO that left me very surprised and made me think about different contradictory aspects of technology that I will have to face when designing the MUSEPAD project.

First I would like you to watch this video so you understand what I am going to talk about.

When I see these kind of videos it makes me think about the danger of technology, and how this could actually detach people from reality and alienate them. When I am challenged to design digital things, such as the MUSEPAD project, I am afraid of falling into this cycle of “smartphones and dumb people”

However, when I see products such as OSMO it makes me think that there is a way of combining the best of both worlds and still allowing children to develop interaction and motion skills through technology. I can also relate this to the previous reading about technology interactions, and how this could enhance an experience instead of changing it.


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