Writing a blog is a challenge task, because it can be very personal. After reviewing the blogs from my fellow classmates I can conclude that what makes a good blog are the following aspects:

  1. Think about the audience and create empathy: I believe it is crucial to create a relationship with the audience, it is important to generate a close bond with the readers so that people feel comfortable and it stimulates conversation between them. Blogs start to get richer when people comment on them and thus it allows information to be shared. I think the key element is the proximity with the audience, which allows the exchange of ideas.
  1. Add personality: Writing a blog is all about having a voice, about sharing with other what you think and your perspective on different topics. It has to feel warm and it should allow the conversation to flow.

I found that Lily’s blog ( ) opens up to the audience and it shows a lot of the process of her practice, which is really interesting. This is when the personality actually shines; sketches and ideas help uncover aspects of the blogger.

img_2352 img_2351 img_2350 img_2349

  1. Eye-catching: The blog post should attract the audience; it should be visually pleasant and invite the readers to dig into it. I think that by using images and a good interface design is more likely for people to get interested in the topic and read the post. Personally I found GEO XIN blog very inviting. ( The images captured my attention and the way the interface works made me want to read the posts and find out more about certain topics.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 5.47.41 PM

Also the posts should include images and relevant videos that attract the reader and allow them to understand the information better. Visuals are always useful to catch the eye and this could also be used as a form of inspiration for feature projects. A great example of this is Maggie’s blogs. I feel that she makes her posts so inviting and friendly by including graphics and images. It is easier to read and understand and it is also nice to look at. (

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 5.56.01 PM

  1. Make the post clear: It is essential for people to understand what you are trying to say, thus the information has to be clear and well written. People should write in a “relaxed” or “conversational” tone to allow the users to feel more comfortable while reading the post. Developing a writing style can be a good way to achieve this and allow your personality to shine in a unique way. Moreover, It is important to have hierarchy in mind, use attractive titles, and clear headings that guide the reader through the blog.
  1. Include relevant examples: Blogs should be inviting, and using examples while explaining different topics is a great way to make sure the audience understands what you are trying to say. This is also inspiring and allows information to be shares widely. Moreover, this is a way of keeping the blog updated with current issues. I personally like to know what is happening in the world around me so when I see examples that inspire my practice I get excited and I want to find out more information about it.

Zoey ( and Lavender ( do this in theri Week 5 post. They include relevant and current examples about digital interactions that invite people to dig into the information.


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