Trip to V&A

On October 6th I joined the Design Management class and I went on a trip to the Victoria & Albert museum. It was mind blowing. What I was more intrigued by during this trip, was by the used of simple design elements to create modules, and at the same time the repetition of these modules would create beautiful patterns.

I began my tour around the Islamic middle east, and these patterns really captured my eye. They are so full of detailed, so rich, so intriguing. Here colour is not the important, it is all about shape and depth.

IMG_0795 IMG_0796

In the Chinese part of the museum I saw these other patterns that really caught my attention, what I like the most about them was that they were hollow. Everytime I looked at them from a different angle, it was like creating a new piece of art merging the pattern with the background.


My favorite part was probably the Medieval Ironwork. In thesee pictures is possible to see how simple forms such as spiral, C and S shapes can generate great variety of designs. I can see the influence of gothic architecture and symmetry in most of the desings.

IMG_0800 IMG_0803 IMG_0805 IMG_0807

This last piece called the “Grille” was my favorite, it was intended to be a free-standing room divider, but for me its a sculpture, it disrupts with the previous pieces, and although it uses the same material, which is so rigid and stiff, this creation is so free, that it is just relaxing to look at. Is a modern adaptation of that it used to be Ironwork in Britain.



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