Student Manifesto 2015-2016

Manifesto poster final

Our first brief was to come up with mission statement that expresses the goals of the 2015-2016 MA Communication Design class. I decided to design an A3 poster because I think its a good way of communicating these key statements in a playful way. Within the requirements of the brief, it was clearly states that all posters had to be purely typography.

When I began the process, I started to think about what all of these phrases meant to me, and what they all had in common. I made a mind map of different concepts I couldn’t think about when communicating this manifesto and I decided to go with the recipe concept. I chose this, because for me the mixture of all of these statements is the key to a great year in MACD. A recipe is a guide of steps that help you accomplish something, and I think the Manifesto does exactly the same. For me these 10 steps are an analogy of the ingredients of my recipe to succeed on this course.

I decided to make this recipe playful and dynamic, it is meant to be something fun and positive which is why I chose a diagonal layout. The orange colour and the calligraphic typography of the tittle reflects the cooking aspect I want to portray in my poster, and I used its complementary colour to create a balance and contrast in my design. Finally I wanted to incorporate a typography that was legible for the 10 statements but was also according to my concept, which is why I chose a round and warm type.


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