The creation part of the design process is a balance between everything. It is important to acknowledge the context but it is also crucial to dream about future situations. Also it requires that all of the stages of the 5C model are completed to fully understand the problem and come up with an accurate solution and actually make it real.

During class, we learnt about prototyping, which is a way of creating things. Prototyping is the way designer moves from ideas into something tangible that can help them get real insights from users. This process should always respond to a question, because prototypes are built to learn from the users and the way they might interact with our designs. Making a prototype should be something quickly and that doesn’t require too much money because its better to test many ideas rather than invest all the time and money into one. Also, by doing something that it is not a final product, its less likely to get too invested in it, which in my case is always the risk. Whenever I do something, I tend to get emotionally attached to it and when it doesn’t work its harder to let it go and find a new concept.

Prototypes can be anything from drawings, pieces of cardboard stuck together, experiences, 3D models or even role play. In class, within our groups we developed 2 prototypes while thinking “How to get people to recycle in Winchester high street”. We came up with a model of a kit for children to play and learn about recycling and a Magic vending machine that talked and would reward people who recycled. For the vending machine it was more suitable to generate the experience and prototype it through role play which was very fun and enriching as seen in the pictures below

IMG_0877 IMG_0878 IMG_0879 IMG_0883


Friss S. and Gelting A. (2004) The 5C Model


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