During the design process, when we are about to conceptualize we need to think about future situations, we need to imagine new possibilities and start brainstorming.

In class we learnt about the correct way of brainstorming. While watching a video, I understood the importance of collaboration during the ideation process, everyone thinks differently and all of the ideas are valuable. While doing this, it is important to capture everything everyone says, no matter how silly or unrealistic it sounds because this could trigger future ideas. Also, the team should encourage everyone to participate and keep the dynamic going. If it is necessary people can ask clarifying questions but it is important to never judge any of the ideas. During this phase the aim is to come up with as many ideas as possible, it is more about quantity than quality.

After there are a lot of ideas on the table it is necessary to start categorizing, reducing and analyzing the ideas to narrow it down to the top solutions.

These are some images of what the process might look like

IMG_0785 IMG_0786


Friss S. and Gelting A. (2004) The 5C Model



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