The Comprehension phase is a way to produce knowledge about existing situations based on deduction. It involves to mentally think, analyze and organize information. During this part it is possible to discover valuable insights and problems.

While I was reading about the 5C model, my comprehension phase looked something like the photo below.

After I was done collecting the information, reading and investigating about the topic, I was making notes, writing the relevant information and reproducing the visualization of the 5C model to be able to find patterns and fully understand what it is being presented.


With regards to the project that is being developed in class, there are lots of methods to comprehend and make sense of the information that was collected, but in class we discussed the Axis tools, which is a way of plotting the information in a y and x axis and observing where opportunities might be available.



Friss S. and Gelting A. (2004) The 5C Model


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