I believe this phase is all about user-centred design. It is about existing knowledge, about observing, reading, interviewing people and paying close attention to detail. To be able to collect relevant information and insights it is importante to engage in the world of the target audience.

During the first week of class, the challenge was to collect information about problems we could identify. We went outside the classroom and observed what issues could arise.

I took these photos and I realized the following problems:

  1. When I received this parcel, there was a lot of unused space. It was such a big box for a small object, and it was full of paper. I think this is a waste of material and space
  2. I went to a market in Winchester and I saw this owl tied to a wire, which personally I think its a problem. This animals should be kept in captivity.
  3. Rubbish in the streets.

IMG_0778 IMG_0777 IMG_0775

Moreover, the class was divided in teams and after everyone shared their findings, we created a mood-board with photos and words of all the information we collected to see an overview of the situation and identify key points. The process looked something like this




Friss S. and Gelting A. (2004) The 5C Model


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